Final Reminders


here are a couple keynotes for packing for the eclipse.

First and foremost do not forget your solar glasses! If you do, you will be able to buy some within the valley at an inflated price!

If you are bringing a stove, please do not forget to bring a fire extinguisher!

Nights will be a little chilly, right around 50. Please bring a warm sleeping bag or clothes to bundle up at night!

If you do not want to buy food and water all weekend, please pack some food for the trip!

If you need to contact someone regarding campsite location during the weekend, feel free to call Janine, Dave or myself:

Janine: 208-313-4840

Dave: 208-719-5130

Wyatt: 208-317-7258


Gearing Up For the Eclipse!

Hello everybody!

Here are the basics for you to know as you stay here.  We are glad to enjoy this amazing event with you!

You will have a host assigned to you by the head of your party’s (the signer of this contract’s)  last name.  Please ONLY call this person IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS AFTER HOURS.   WE WILL HAVE A FEWFRIENDLY PEOPLE ON SITE IN SECURITY VESTS DURING DAYTIME HOURS TO HELP ANSWER QUESTIONS, OR CALL THE NUMBERS BELOW IF YOU CAN’T SPOT SOMEONE..  

Last names:  Aa - Du:  Blaine or Holly Ross @ (970)443.0112/970.231.0953

  Dv-La :   Kendall or Janine Jolley @ 208.313.4840/208.399.2260 or crucial need landline if cell phones outages occur: 208.787.2871.

                     Le to Ri:  David or KathyRoss @ 208.709.5130/208.709.8154

                     Rm-Zy:   Cyndi Benson@ 303.817.3533/crucial need landline208.787.3533or Wyatt Johnson @ 208.317.7258.  

General Booking/Reservation Questions:  Wyatt Johnson @ 208.317.7258/Janine 208.313.4840

Sheriff or Emergency:  911

Teton Valley Hospital and Medical Clinics:  208.354.2383

Eclipse Non-Emergency General Information Line manned by Teton County, Idaho:  208.354.8791

  1. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am.  No generators or noises which will carry past your own tent/RV site.  This is county law, and will be enforced.  You can be asked to leave without a refund if you are too noisy after one warning.  This is a family oriented campout.

  2. All dogs must be on a short leash (no longer than 6 feet) at all times in the campsite.  You are responsible to clean up every time after your pet.  Bring dog-do bags and your own favorite shovel to clean up after them.  Dogs must have all shots, BE SAFE AROUND OTHERS, and be kept quiet-- day and night so as not to bother neighbors.  If your dog is a problem, you can be asked to leave the campsite without a refund. If you are having a problem with your neighbor, or your neighbor’s dog, please gently talk to them first, and then to us if the problem continues.

  3. Be patient with others.  We’ve not had an eclipse here in our lifetimes, and we are all doing our best.  There will be lots of people and lots of traffic on the roads—and we suggest you leave early to beat the rush hour if your plans include a hike in the woods, Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, etc.  

  4. Keep the wristband on at all times in the campsite—so we know you’ve paid to be here. Replacement wristbands are $15 each.

  5. Keep your parking permit on your vehicle’s dashboard or rear view mirror at all times.  We cannot allow unpaid vehicles in the campsite.  You can buy more passes at the front entrance if needed for extra guests who may have decided to come.  Vehicles will be asked to leave without this parking permit.  Replacement permits are $15 each.  

  6. One RV only per lot.  RV’s are expected to use their own toilet and washing facilities, as our porta potties may overload if those who have their own toilets use ours. 

  7. Smokers must have a fireproof container in which to put their butts in.  DO NOT LEAVE THESE ON THE GRASS OR ROADWAYS AS OUR FIRE DANGER IS EXTREMELY HIGH. You will be held legally responsible if you start a fire in our campground.  Please report any unsafe behavior to us that you may see.  There is a burn ban enacted by the Fire Dept., and we can’t allow campfires. 

  8. Alcohol must be kept in your own campsite.  No alcohol in common areas or roadways. Please keep it classy, as this is a family oriented campout.

  9. Please watch your children.

  10. Please obey no trespassing signs, and stay away from the creek area.  There are lots of National Forest and BLM spots with creeks and ponds on them nearby—we’re glad to help you know how to find them for fishing or recreation. 

  11. Pay attention to the packing list emailed to you—and bring all on the list.  If you are cooking with an enclosed cooker, you MUST BRING OR BUY a fire extinguisher and have it in plain sight while cooking.  We will have plenty of water /ice for sale at reasonable prices.  WonderfulFood will be for sale at the site for breakfast, lunch and possibly dinners. 

  12. Checking Into Your Campsite-We have decided to have everyone check-in once they arrive at the campgrounds. When you arrive, just let us know at the gate what name you registered under and we will get you all your parking passes, wristbands and escort you to your camping spot. Those who have registered are guaranteed a spot for the entire weekend. Nobody will be able to take your spot! Guests are allowed to arrive any time.

  13. Courtesy- We will have nearly 400 campers within the campground. In that instance, we would like to remind everyone to stay courteous! This means that generators are only running during daytime hours and that campground noise stays at an acceptable level. We want everyone to enjoy their time here! Also, please be contientous of the cleanliness of your camping spot. We are near the wilderness so animals can possibly be a nuisance if things are not cleaned up!

  14. Restrooms and Food- You will have access to portable restrooms and hand washing stations. We are not able to provide portable showers. We will have fresh food available as well as food vendors.

  15. Preparing- If you do not want to pay a premium for food for the weekend, we suggest that you pack food! We encourage you all to bring your own food as food within the Valley will be at a premium. Please also visit our page on being properly prepared for the eclipse!


Contact Us

Janine Jolley is this campouts main host. She has put this entire event together and asked to have her information added to this Newsletter. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call her. She does not want anyone to be left in the dark! Her number is 208-313-4840.


We look forward to hosting you all for this wonderful event!





Your Foxcreek Campout

Hello Everyone!


Sorry for being away for an extended period of time. We have been working extremely hard on getting the groundwork set for all of you, your family and friends.  Our goal through this entire process is to provide all of you with a memorable experience here in our Valley while witnessing this once in a lifetime event!


We have a couple key updates for the campout that we would like to notify all of you about.


We have had a LARGE number of reservations in the past couple of months. More than we had originally expected! Due to the demand, we have moved the camping location to a larger portion of land so everyone can easily be accommodated with some breathing room. Do not worry, the new location is just a short 10 minutes south of the original campground location. Our new campground, which can accommodate 4 times as many campers, is located at 580 E 9500 South, Victor, Idaho. Adding to the new campsite, we have decided to change ALL campsites to 30x60’ to give everyone adequate room. If you click here you can see all of the pictures that have been taken of the new campground location. It is a stunning location that truly displays the beauty of Teton Valley. We would like to thank the Kimball Family Trust for supplying us with the land to host this wonderful event!


While putting the campout together, we have had you in mind and have strongly considered the demographics that have signed up for the Foxcreek Campout. Due to the large amount of families that have signed up, we have made a couple changes to create a more relaxing and friendly atmosphere. 


We have decided to eliminate our bands and music for the weekend. As campers have signed up, many have asked for campsites away from the music and festivities. There was a low demand for music and in some cases an opposition, therefore we have decided to go without. 


We will not be selling alcoholic beverages for the course of the weekend. We are centering this campout around families and want everyone inside our campground to feel safe and comfortable. HOWEVER, any and all campers (legally of age) are more than welcome to bring their own beverages into the campout. We do not oppose this whatsoever! We encourage everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves!


We will have an ice machine for the course of the weekend. Ice will be available for purchase and will provide campers with the opportunity to keep their food and drinks cool. A surplus of fresh bottled water, non-alcoholic beverages and food will also be available for purchase to every camper within the campground. This will allow every camper to fulfill all of their basic needs without having to travel around the valley.


As stated before, portable restrooms and hand washing stations will be available to all campers within the campground.


We have also posted a Terms and Conditions for the Campout. If you are on Airbnb, we should have sent you a password. If you are on our email list, the password should be in your email. If it is not, feel free to email us and ask for it!


Spot are filling up fast! If you have already claimed your spot, consider yourself lucky! We have a limited amount of space remaining. We can only accommodate roughly 100 more CAMPERS. This is not campsites! If you have friends or family that are interested in joining this memorable experience, let them know! We will definitely be sold out by the time of the event. We look forward to hosting each and every one of you! This will be a memorable experience for all and we cannot wait! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We should get back to you within a day.