“Over these seemingly changeless mountains, in endless succession, move the ephemeral colors of dawn and sunset and of noon and night, the shadows and sunlight, the garlands of clouds with which storms adorn the peaks, the misty rain-curtains of afternoon showers.” -Fritiof Fryxell

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is an ageless beauty that has become one of the most recognizable resort towns in America. Known for its jaw-dropping beauty and upbeat atmosphere, Jackson lives up to its name, and then some. With unparalleled skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, the opportunities for activities are equally as abundant in the summer. Head over to the town square any given afternoon to enjoy a old-western play with cowboys and indians. Or you can stroll down mainstreet and window shop for the day. Want to get out and explore the surrounding area? Located on the far west side of the state, Jackson Hole is only a short driving distance from Grant Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Being ranked the top national park in the entire nation, Yellowstone is a sight you absolutely cannot pass up! The drive to the powerful Snake River is even shorter. Offering world-class fly fishing, raft guides and much more.

Jackson Hole's Antler Arch

Jackson Hole's Antler Arch

In the heart of Jackson Hole, lies the town square. However, to enter, you must pass under the infamous Antler Arch. These small details make up the character of Jackson Hole. Being located in a rural area the locals have become a tight knit community. Welcoming visitors is their strong suit and showing them a good time is their nature!

This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. From the two national parks just a short driving distance away. To all the outdoor adventures waiting to be explored. The Teton area is a gift in itself. Bottled with that, we get to see a total solar eclipse! Being able to see a total solar eclipse, in such a historic and timeless place in the nation is one for the record books.

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